Timber for saunas and bathhouses

We produce tongue-and-groove panelling boards, bench boards and mouldings with various profiles for bathhouses and saunas.

The materials for saunas and bathhouses are produced from black alder, aspen and linden.

The quality requirements – three knot-free sides, no colour or other defects KD 10% (+/- 2%)

The dimensions of wall panels:

  • Width (coverage) 65 and 85 mm.
  • Thickness 15 mm.
  • Length from 400 mm to 3000 mm; in 100 mm increments.

We offer Class B wall panels for cheaper prices (insignificant defects and colouring of the wood that do not influence the strength of the board are possible).

Dimensions of sauna bench boards:

  • Width 45, 70, 90mm.
  • Thickness 28 mm.
  • Length from 400 mm to 3000 mm; in 100 mm increments.

We also produce internal fixing angles 12x42 mm, corner moulding 11x30 mm outside corner moulding 28x45 mm.

We offer ventilation hatches, headrests, lamp guardrails, wooden duckboards 600x600 mm, 600x1000 mm and ready- to-use black alder sauna bench board sets 2100 mm long; the length can be shortened.

  • Sauna bench board 630x2100
  • Sauna bench board 430x2100
  • Middle sauna bench board 340x2100
  • Planks for backrest 270x2070

Delivery of the material to the construction site is also possible upon prearrangement.

All products are available as FSC certified on request.

Additional information:
Rūdolfs Valenieks
Mobile phone +371 26159006 
E-mail  rudolfs@kubikmetrs.lv