About us

The company was established in 2005. We specialise in saw-logs of black alder, aspen and linden processing. The factory is located in the northern part of Latvia, in the Salacgriva rural area. It is 100 km from Riga and 3 km from the town of Salacgriva. We carry out the entire processing cycle – from sawn timber cutting to the finished product.

The processing volume of saw-logs reaches up to 45,000 or even 50,000 m3 per year. The main products are high quality sawn timber of different dimensions, planed profiled timber, timber for bathhouses and saunas, wood packaging and pallets.

We provide constant product quality, accurate delivery deadlines and regular supplies. We have always been a reliable partner for our clients.

Contact information

Assistant of the manager
Liāna Liepiņa
Phone: +371 29239784
Bathhouse and sauna materials
Rūdolfs Valenieks
Phone: +371 26159006
Black alder and aspen materials
Rūdolfs Valenieks
Phone: +371 26159006
Pallets and pallet materials
Armands Upītis
Inese Kalniņa
Armands Upītis